Red Flags of Mistreatment in Nursing homes
You won’t like the idea that your loved ones living in nursing home are facing mistreatment. This is the place you expect them to receive care and love but they may be facing abuse, neglect and mistreatment without anyone to confide to. Fearing retaliation or with the weaknesses to speak up, your loved ones may remain silent and face the mistreatment with endurance. Given that this mistreatment won’t stop, your loved ones will be in poor conditions always. This abuse isn’t something you should just ignore, as it can lead to worse things. Given that this is very common, you should be very keen to note any signs of abuse to save the situation earlier. There are several types of abuse in nursing homes, including confinement, physical, healthcare fraud, emotional abuse, and abandonment and neglect. Get to discover more about signs of abuse in nursing homes.
Physical and emotional changes will often tell the story about mistreatment in nursing homes. You should check how your loved ones are, how they look and act. If they have begun to withdraw from the activities they use to love, become less communicate, inactive, you should be more attentive. If they are being subjected to emotional abuse, you expect them to have decreased appetite, show fearfulness, agitation, moodiness and weight loss. Those who are facing physical abuse or neglect may have unexplained bruises and skin tears in such areas as the thighs, back, hips or other areas.
When you find your loved ones dehydrated, you know that they are neglected in the nursing home. If they are being mistreated, they may be denied food and drinks and thus they will be malnourished and dehydrated. If the nursing home has few staff members, it’s possible that your loved ones don’t find the special care they were promised. You should observe how the place is and check if the staff coordinate. Check whether the staff mingle with the residence and even things that will show you their attitudes towards the residents. You should get to know also if important information is lost anytime at any point in the nursing home. Check how the facility is running and get to know if there are problems anywhere.
Avoiding or deflecting questions is a warning of problems in the nursing home. Every staff in the nursing home should be free to share important information concerning the care of your loved ones in the nursing home. It will raise a red flag if your discover more that the staff are trying to hide information about your loved ones. If you that your loved ones don’t like any member of the staff, they probably dislike them because of abuse. Get to know more on this topic and help your people.

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